This week Sam and I traveled to Nashville to celebrate the best performing agents in District 357.

This is how our trip went:

First Day: We spent it walking around downtown Nashville. We found a really good BBQ place for dinner and spent the night on Broadway with several of the agents. Broadway has a Las Vegas feel. In fact, some of the locals refer to it as Nash Vegas. It is essentially a street full of bars and live music. I don’t drink, but still had a great time listening to the bands and laughing with Sam and the agents.

Second Day: We did a service project in the morning; helping pack kits of food for a non-profit in Nashville. After that, we went out and checked out Nashville’s Parthenon. It’s a replica of the Parthenon in Greece. It was a pretty cool place to visit. That night, we got dressed up and attended the All American recognition dinner. After the dinner, Darius Rucker came out and sang to us. Sam is pretty certain that she locked eyes with Darius. We were that close.

Third Day: In the morning, we went and checked out The General’s headquarters. That afternoon, we had lunch eating hot chicken at the famous Hattie B’s and slurped down a chocolate shake at The Goo Goo Shop. That evening we swam in the rooftop pool and got some great pictures of Nashville with the drone from the walking bridge.

Shout out to the great agents that qualified from District 357:

  • Ben Benedict
  • Samuel Barnes
  • Jeremiah Munoz
  • Steve Weidenbach
  • Brett Turner
  • Jason Hogue
  • James Baysinger
  • Josh Bruggeman
  • Jake Davison
  • Miranda Hamilton
  • Nicolas Zavala

Because of them, I was able to go. I appreciate them very much.