During my workout this morning, I listened to a playlist (“Fearless Motivation” on Spotify, if you’re interested in a good workout playlist) that listed out the “Top 10 Attributes of High Performers”. I liked them, took notes, and added my thoughts. They are listed below:

The Top 10 Attributes of High Performers

#1 They Set Goals

Would you wake up in the morning, get in your car, and drive around for hours with no clear destination? No, because you know it would be a waste of time and resources. Yet, that’s how many people travel through life. They don’t set goals. They don’t have benchmarks.

People that are going places have clarity as to where they are going.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins


#2 They Take Responsibility For Their Life


#3 They Have Great Self Discipline

#4 They Are Obsessed With Self Development


Success 3

#5 They Read, A Lot!

#6 They Manage Their Time Well

#7 They Take Risks

#8 They Keep Going When They Face Failure or Setbacks

#9 They Find A Way To Win

Success 2

#10 They Do What They Love


Featured photo by Andreas Klassen