Odds are that you’ve played a video game like “The Sims” before.

One of those video games where the perspective is placed just above and behind your character.

Now imagine for a second, and yes this is going to sound weird, that you are watching your own life play out from this angle. What would you see yourself doing?

Is your character (you) doing great or exciting things? Are they taking action? Are they developing? Is your character’s life interesting enough to watch or do they lounge around too much?

There is power in viewing yourself from outside of yourself.

Often our brain limits our actions based on how our body is physically feeling. We forego going to the gym because we don’t feel tired. We eat junk food because our body craves it. We don’t try because we feel the fear of potential failure.

Our brain has a horrible habit of talking us out of doing great things because it was trained to reserve energy and find comfort.

If we disconnect from ourselves for a moment, our actions then become driven by what’s best and not by our physiology.

The video game player does not know or take into consideration the internal thoughts and feelings of the character.

The video game player wants to complete a mission or level up. The video game player does not want to spend hours watching someone watch Netflix or play video games…

I encourage you to try this idea out. Place your perspective just above and behind yourself from time to time. Is the life you are living the life you want to live?

If not, change it. If so, play on.