There we were, just below the Orosi Volcano, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Sam and I were being led through the jungle by our guides Luiz and Alejandro. It was a very hot afternoon and you could tell our horses were getting restless.

We were searching for a waterfall. Not just any waterfall. This waterfall supposedly looked liked something out of the Jungle Book.

We couldn’t wait to see it.

During our adventure we saw plenty of iguanas. They seemed to be everywhere. Some were on our dirt path, almost crushed by our horses’ hooves. Others were up in the trees, relaxing in their iguana nests.

We continued further into the jungle until we got to a canyon with a river running through it. We knew that we were getting close.

Quickly, we jumped off of our horses and tied them up. The rest of the way would be on foot.

The trail hugged the side of the canyon walls. We could smell the fresh air and hear the rippling water below.

We hiked for a while, making our way over large rocks, under branches, and around the cliff’s edge.

At times we were far above the river and at times we were walking right beside it. Then the sound of the water started to change. It got much louder.

We came around a corner and there it was. The majestic jungle waterfall was right in front of us. I looked at it, looked at Sam, and then back at the falls. It’s as if I expected it to not be real and by looking a second time it would be gone.

[wpvideo Vvlo9jwL ]

However, it was very real.

Luiz decided to get into the water, the falls crashing on his head. Soon Alejandro joined him in the falls.

They looked like they were having so much fun that I had to join them.

After taking off my shoes and shirt, I carefully stepped across the slick boulders into the water fall. The water was cold and powerful as it hit me. I braced myself between the rocks to keep my balance. The cold water felt great on such a hot day.

[wpvideo LN7n3sCF ]

Luis cupped his hands and placed them underneath the water. It poured into his hands and he drank it up. He told me to do the same. I remember thinking, “This isn’t the best idea. I hope I don’t get sick from the water. Oh well, YOLO!”… or something like that.

Sam questioned my judgement. The water was delicious.

The four of us hung out there for a while. It still wasn’t long enough.

All four of us smiling and laughing. It’s a memory I think of often and hope to never forget.

This is why I travel.