5:30 AM: Time to wake up and get to hiking.

6:00 AM: Jeff and his dog, Karl, arrive at the hotel to pick me up. I get in the car with them and we take off. We are starting early because it’s a weekday and we both have meetings at 9 AM.

6:20 AM: We arrive at the Dishman Hills trailhead. It’s a beautiful August morning. The sun is just starting to crest over the horizon. The dew is dripping off of the tree leaves. It’s the perfect day for a hike.

We begin our hike through the woods. We’ve done this trail before and are on a mission to climb the big rock on the top of the hill. We appear to be the only ones on the trail.

We continue to climb up. The internet says that the total elevation of this hike is around 675 ft. It’s not too steep but just enough to get the heart beat going.

The hike is just outside of Spokane, WA and is around a 4 mile loop. The trail is wide in most places. At times, small streams run across the trail and back through the forest.

I’m taking in all of the beauty. There are wild flowers all around the trail. At certain spots I stand on the edge of the canyons below and take in the views from a higher vantage point.

There is a lot of beauty in these forests.

7:20 AM: We arrive at the top of the hill. At the summit there are large boulders. I climb one of the boulders, walk around a beehive, and rest on the surface. The view from the top of this rock is incredible. You can see the valley in every direction.

I pull out my drone and fire it up. It’s time to get some epic shots.

The sun is now fully over the horizon and is casting light streaks throughout the forest. The sky is a light blue and there’s hardly a cloud in the sky. This is rare for this part of the country.

[wpvideo p0PEPukc ]

After a while, Jeff climbs up the boulder and we snap some photos. We think we are cooler than we are and take photos of us standing majestically while looking off into the distance.

[wpvideo O52Q939K ]

[wpvideo gGkODr88 ]

Somethings you just have to do for the gram.

7:40 AM: We realize it’s time to get off the boulder and start the journey back down the hill.

This time we decide to go down a different way than we did the last time we were here. We take a trail that goes through open fields vs. the dense forest. It’s pretty but the sun is beating down on my bald head. #BaldStruggles

[wpvideo 45OP1JNm ]

[wpvideo lRpkWYTS ]

8:15 AM: We arrive back at the car. There’s a few other cars by our car, we assume more hikers have shown up. We drive back to my hotel.

8:35 AM: We get to the hotel. I tell Jeff thank you. His dog barks some words of goodbye. I go inside and get ready for my meetings.

8:55 AM: I’m in the hotel conference room, ready for my meetings.