Yes, please. Give me 1,000 more days at this place.

Sam and I saw Flamingo Beach on the map while exploring the Costa Rican town of Tamarindo. We asked some locals about it and they told us we should check it out.

They weren’t lying.

The sand was soft. The water was warm. The waves were large enough to play in. There were small dining places right on the beach.

This beach is the kind of beach you see in the movies.

The other cool thing, we were almost the only ones on the entire beach. How often does that happen on a beach as beautiful as this one?

[wpvideo nyKXuEZC ]

The homes on Flamingo Beach are larger and more modern than most Costa Rican homes.

Their modern style spoke to me. It’s as if the houses were saying, “Justin, you should build a house down here some day.” I 100% agreed with them.

It’s hard to argue with an inanimate object. It’s even harder to argue with an inanimate object that has a good point.

I see two inevitable outcomes:

1. I eventually become super wealthy and build a home there, or

2. I become super poor and bum on the beach there.

Either way, I will feel the sands of Flamingo Beach between my toes again.