We all know that marketing methods have changed drastically over the last 5 to 10 years. Here are my top 8 reasons for why you should do content marketing:

#1. You become a thought leader!

Odds are that other people have the same questions that you do. Research your niche, learn more than most others, and talk about it. People will start to look to you for answers to their questions.

#2. Who doesn’t like relationships?

When you engage with your audience, people begin to look at you as a friend. They begin to form a relationship with you. Have you ever watched someone’s vlog so many times that you feel like you know that person? I have. It oddly works. 

#3. Content will boost your SEO!

The internet is full of millions of websites. The best way to be found is to increase your search engine rankings so that Google guides people your way. Many search websites “crawl” other websites looking for frequent and fresh content. If you are creating content on the regular, while including in-and-out-links, you will increase your SEO. 

#4. People will be more loyal. 

When people feel like they know you and relate to you and your brand, they will become more loyal. Engage with them, reply to their comments on your content. Offer them discounts. Make them laugh. It’s harder for people to leave you if they like you. If they don’t know you – they can’t like you – they can’t be loyal to you.

#5. You’ll fill up your leads funnel.

When people interact with your content, they will become more likely to buy a product or service from you. You will be able to see who interacts with your brand more often. When they are reaching out to you, you have a warm lead on your hands. The relationship will build trust and people buy from people they trust.

#6. You’ll increase your odds of hitting your business growth targets.

Are you still advertising in the phone book? Please say no. At this point, almost everyone on the planet is online and are buying more and more things online each and every year. Content marketing will showcase your brand and offerings which will help you hit your growth goals. 

#7. It gives you a personality. 

Want to know what’s hard to connect with? A faceless company. Want to know what’s easier to connect with? Another person. By creating content, you give your company a personality. Here’s just a one example of how Wendy’s showed they have a personality. I don’t necessarily encourage their exact approach; however, they garnered a ton of attention from showing that they were people too.

8. You own your audience!

When you create your own social media and email list following, you own your audience and can speak to them whenever you want for free. In what other era of time would a company have access to something like that? That alone should be enough to do content marketing. 

There are many books that give great advice when it comes to content marketing. One of my favorites is Crushing It by Mr. Gary V himself. He is a legend in this area.

These are my 8 reasons why you should do content marketing. What are other reasons for why you do it? I’d love to know. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.