Fatherhood is…

not easy. It’s hard work. It’s sacrifice. It’s caring more for someone else than you do for yourself. It’s worrying about how you’ll provide for them. 

It’s wondering if you’ll be a good enough example of a man that your son will have someone to look up to and your daughters will know how they should be treated by the men in their lives.

The constant question of “Am I teaching them what they need to know?” will repeat over and over in your head.

It’s driving them to the doctor, holding their hand, because they broke their leg and all you can do is wish it happened to you and not them. 

It’s hugging them when they’ve had a bad day because a friend told their other friends about their crush at school.

It’s driving 3 hours to watch their 1 hour soccer game only to drive three more hours to catch your business meeting the following morning. You wouldn’t want to miss their game.

Fatherhood is…

the most rewarding. My life would be empty without them. They bring me the most joy. Their smiles. Their laughs. The nights spent on the trampoline looking up at the stars while telling jokes. It’s what I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Fatherhood is a lot of things. It’s definitely the best hood of all the hoods.