Washington Vineyards

We have a lot of vineyards in Eastern Washington. I captured some of the fall colors with my drone. Check it out!




This Rising YouTuber Made Me Want to Travel Right Now

Usually when I work out, I like to watch YouTube videos or listen to a good beat. Having watched a lot of...

Drone Shots of Howard Amon Park in Richland WA

Along the banks of the Columbia River in Richland, WA is the Howard Amon Park. I decided to take out the drone and get some nice sunrise shots from the park.

The Lords of the Ties

8 powerful lessons I learned from my early days as an entrepreneur.
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Hike Twin Sisters in Washington

The Twin Sisters are located on the Columbia River just outside of the TriCities in Washington. It's a relatively short hike that...

The Top 10 Attributes of High Performers

During my workout this morning, I listened to a playlist (“Fearless Motivation” on Spotify, if you’re interested in a good workout playlist) that listed...

The Power of Focus

An unfocused light can light up a room. An intensely focused light becomes a laser and can cut through metal. Fun fact: the goal...


Our Visit To Myrtle Beach

We had a whopping 20 hours to spend in Myrtle Beach. We were rushing to explore as much of this part of the country...

Hiking Palouse Falls

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