Haystack Rock In Cannon Beach, OR

You have to check out Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR before you kick the bucket.

The Most Motivational Talk Ever – David Goggins

Warning: This video includes some offensive language. I debated whether or not to share this video because of the language. However, the message is so powerful that I ultimately chose the message over the words. 

Winter In Suncadia

If you're looking for a true winter wonderland look no further than Suncadia, WA. This snowy gem of a spot is located just an hour and a half east of Seattle.

Just Let Me Live At Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

Yes, please. Give me 1,000 more days at this place. Sam and I saw Flamingo Beach on the map while exploring the Costa Rican town of Tamarindo. We asked some locals about it and they...

40 Powerful Leadership Quotes To Help You Become A Better Leader

I searched all over the internet for the best quotes I could find on leadership. Some quotes were ok. Some were alright. The quotes below are the best: 1. "Great leaders don't set out to...

7 Leadership Lessons I Learned From Climbing Mt Adams

Earlier this year I climbed Mt. Adams with several friends. During the climb, I couldn't help but think of how the experience related to leadership and to business. It's Always More Daunting At The Bottom Looking...

Hiking Dishman Hills

5:30 AM: Time to wake up and get to hiking. 6:00 AM: Jeff and his dog, Karl, arrive at the hotel to pick me up. I get in the car with them and we take...

Adventure To The Costa Rican Waterfall

There we were, just below the Orosi Volcano, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Sam and I were being led through the jungle by our guides Luiz and Alejandro. It was a very hot afternoon and...

Be Your Own Spectator, Then Take Action

Odds are that you've played a video game like "The Sims" before. One of those video games where the perspective is placed just above and behind your character. Now imagine for a second, and yes this...

Washington Vineyards

We have a lot of vineyards in Eastern Washington. I captured some of the fall colors with my drone. Check it out!